The 2086 Professional Tension Head delivers accuracy to one tenth of a pound and uses a professional style linear gripper . The machine weighs 12 pounds and its sturdy aluminum case is anodized Gloss Black for a chip-free durable finish.The exterior power supply operates on 90 – 220 volts and uses an American style three-prong line cord.  Your local distributor can supply an adapter for your current, if necessary. The power supply is UL, CE, CB and GS approved.The Gripper switch and Diabolo  (Diablo) are standard on the current machines, series 11.  The foot switch is an optional extra.The Series 11A pulls tensions as low as 15 pounds (6.85 kilos) to 86 pounds (39 kilos) and is suited for stringing Tennis and Badminton rackets.
We are currently selling only our newest design.
The Series 12 Model.  Comes with all the features of our previous models plus some improvements: It is built with stronger components, Optical sensors, A heavy duty Load Cell, and Gripper Track stabilizer. 
It comes with Basic Mounting Bracket, Power supply, Diabolo, Hex Wrenches, and Instructions Manual.
Adapters for Drop weight machines, and some  Gamma crank machines are sold separately.