“How do I pre-stretch while stringing?

Pre-stretch is built in. Set the amount you want, if any. At 50 pounds plus 15% you will see the digital read-out go to 57.5 pounds, pause, then return to the set point.

“Is there a way to increase the tension for knots?

Yes. Use the pre-stretch button (see above).


“Will the 2086 work on my machine?
Call us at 818 209 5130, text  or e-mail us  with the name and model of your machine and we can tell you. you can also e-mail us with  pictures of your machine.


“Can I calibrate the machine?
After every pull the machine resets its zero point and checks its electronics. If you have a scientific gauge to measure tension we can tell you how to calibrate the 2086 from the front panel. A spring calibrator is usually not accurate enough. At any time the machine can be sent to Wise USA for a free re-calibration checkup. We only charge for return shipping. Or, you can verify the accuracy of the 2086 using the precision of the Tennishead™ 2090, our professional programmable calibrator.