Some Kind Words

“I’ve had the Wise 2086 for half a year now and will never go back to crank machines. I string badminton rackets and the margin for error is much higher than squash or tennis rackets and the 2086 has been spot on, it performs flawlessly.” 

-Anon, Santa Monica, CA  


“I upgraded my Gamma Progression ST II Crank machine with Wise 2086. I mainly use poly strings on all of my racquets and it’s hard to get consistent results with the crank. Wise brings consistency and ease to stringing my racquets.” 

-David L, Chicago, IL


“Mounted this on an Alpha Axis Pro and am delighted with the upgrade. The machine accounts for the string stretching, is more accurate, and seems to hold tension better than my existing lock out head. I can recommend it.” 

-Jason, Marietta, GA


“I converted my Eagnas Flex 720 (Crank) to electric with the Wise 2086. Never having an electric tensioner before I can only really compare it to my crank tensioner. I’ve only strung about twelve racquets but so far I love it – best toy I’ve ever bought myself.”

-Rondallrp, Glen Burnie, MD