DIABOLO PRO- Heavy Duty For Series 11 and older models

$ 45.00

Made for the professional stringer.
This Diabolo ( aka Diablo)  is machined from solid aluminum and then hard anodized to Type III Military Specs. It will generate higher friction and will last  longer. The special coating minimizes the bite of the gripper jaws, which in turn will result in less string damage and distortion.

the spool fits all wise 2086 grippers. 

*Notice: -it is does not spin it is fixed to the mounting bracket.-

For the Diabolo to work properly, it should not rotate. It is the friction on the surface that makes it effective. If the diabolo spins, it defeats its purpose, and it will only serves as a guide for the string. other manufacturers are just adding a diablolo without testing its effectiveness and / or without purpose.

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